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  • Ecofibre Industries Association of Australia - BACKGROUND: The Ecofibre Industries Association of Australia was established in 1998 to represent the Ecofibre (non-wood bast fibre industry) in Australia. ACTIVITIES: The EIA recently submitted an application to amend the Australian Foods Standards Code to include the use of can...
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  • Hemp Plastics (UK) Ltd. - R&D into the use of hemp as an alternative to petro-chemicals Products so far: Hemp Flying Disc any product available, min. quantity dependant on product, approx. 1million...
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  • HempFlax B.V. - HempFlax B.V. One of the largest hemp production facilities in Europe HempFlax reintroduced hemp as a fiber crop in the Netherlands in 1994, cultivating and harvesting 140 hectares. Each year the acreage of hemp has increased and in 1998 2,000 hectares will be harvested. Since ...
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  • Woodlands Improvement - Beginning research on licensing.Own 54 acre farm 20 miles south of Ottawa.Unfinished log cabin on 12 foot stilts (scandanavian scibe fit log walls and 21 piece roof truss in place).Reforested in 1977 on 7 acres with pine, spruce, norway, tamarack.25 acres of bush.Remainder open f...
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