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"Why use up the forests which were centuries in the making and the mines which required ages to lay down, if we can get the equivalent of forest and mineral products in the annual growth of the fields?"
-- Henry Ford

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Hemptech's expanded web directory lists over 700 hemp companies,organizations, products, seed and harvesting equipment across the globe.Visit our directory at http://www.hemptech.com/links/regionSearch.html If you sell hemp products, list them at our directory at http://www.hemptech.com/cgi-bin/links/add.cgi

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New Releases

Hemp Foods & Hemp Oil for Health: Your Guide to Cooking,Nutrition, and Body Care by Gero Leson,Petra Pless with John W Roulac;published by HEMPTECH. The cover of the book is printed on hemp paper.Revised second edition published in October 1999 .The 64-page book covers the nutritional benifits of EFA & protein rich hemp.Learn why hemp is as versitile as the soybean,yet tates better and is even more nutritious.Enjoy delious new hemp food recipes and discover how hemp oil moisturizes and rejuvente's your skin.

$6.95 plus s&h of $2 US, $3 Canada and Mexico, $4 all others. (140 per case)

Advances in Hemp Research edited by Paolo Ranalli, PhD. This 266-page book,published in December 1998, provides analytical research from fourteen hemp experts from around the world. Excellent technical sections on germplasm, breeding methods, biochemical characteristics, alkaline pulping and more.

ISBN 1-56022-872-5. $69.95 plus s&h of $5 US, $7 Canada and Mexico, $10 all others.

The Cultivation of Hemp: Botany, Varieties, Cultivation and Harvesting by Dr. Ivan Bócsa and Michael Karus published in English by HEMPTECH in February, 1998. A complete and modern 160-page guide to growing hemp. Dr. Bócsa, from the Agricultural Research Institute in Hungary, is a world-renowned expert on hemp breeding and cultivation. Mr. Karus is Germany's leading hemp consultant with the nova Institute.

ISBN 1-886874-03-4. $18.95 plus s & h of $5 US, $7 Canada and Mexico, $10 all others. (54 per case)

A History of the Hemp Industry in Kentucky by James F. Hopkins, first edition originally published in 1951, The University Press of Kentucky, 1998. This 244-page book covers the historic hemp industry in Kentucky from its beginning through the end of World War II and describes the process of seeding and harvesting through manufacturing goods made of the fiber. ISBN 0-8131-0930-2. $17 plus s&h of $5 US, $7 Canada and Mexico, $10 all others.

Book Titles

Hemp Horizons: The Comeback of the World's Most Promising Plant by John W. Roulac, published by Chelsea Green in October 1997. A comprehensive and timely 200-page book on industrial hemp's tranformation into a valuable resource for the 21st century. Highlights include sustainability, farming, processing, politics, business opportunities and resource section.

ISBN 0-930031-93-8. $18.95 plus s & h of $5 US, $7 Canada and Mexico, $10 all others.(39 per case)

Industrial Hemp: Practical Products-Paper to Fabric to Cosmetics Revised third edition by HEMPTECH, published November 1998. This classic 48-page book printed on hemp paper provides a clear, concise overview of the exciting potential for industrial hemp. It's a low-cost tool to educate farmers, executives, politicians, etc.

ISBN 1-886874-00-X. $4.95 plus s & h of $2 US, $3 Canada and Mexico, $4 all others.
Available in 24-pack cardboard shelf display: (144 per case for bulk and or display).

Nutritional and Medicinal Guide to Hemp Seed by Kenneth Jones. This 60 page book provides a historical and current review of the nutritional and medicinal benefits of hemp seed. Chapters include "Hemp Seed and Folk Medicine," "Ancient Chinese Prescriptions," "Complete Nutritional Analysis," and "Hemp Seed Food Products." Written by a medical writer specializing in ethnobotany. Printed on hemp paper.

ISBN 0-9625638-9-7, $7.95 plus s & h of $2 US, $3 Canada and Mexico, $4 all others.

Industry Publications

Economic Impact of Industrial Hemp in Kentucky by Dr. Eric C. Thompson, Dr. Mark C. Berger and Steven N. Allen, Center for Business and Economic Research, University of Kentucky, 1998. This comprehensive 100-page report analyzes market and economic conditions for developing a domestic industry.

$25 plus s&h of $3.50 US, $5 Canada and Mexico, $10 all others.

Hemp Foods and THC Levels: A Scientific Assessment by Franjo Grotenhermen, M.D., Michael Karus and Daike Lohmeyer of the nova Institute. Published in English by HEMPTECH in November 1998. This 84-page report focuses on the role of THC in hemp foods including the methodological and pharmacological assessment of THC. This scientific document shows there is no psychoactive qualities to ingestion of hempseed or hemp oil products.

$50 plus s&h of $5 US, $7 Canada and Mexico, $10 all others.

Hemp for Textile Artists by Cheryl Kolander. A 99 page book, printed on hemp/ag fabric, and finished textiles. Contains custom-spun hemp yarn & fabric samples. Excellent technical and practical chapters on processing, spinning, yarns, fabrics and natural dyeing, with a thorough bibliography.

$40 plus s & h of $5 US, $7 Canada and Mexico, $10 all others.

Bioresource Hemp: Proceedings of the Symposium 1997 ed. edited by nova Institute, distributed by HEMPTECH. 80 papers presented at the February 27-March 2, 1997 Bioresource Hemp Conference. A total of 730 pages of the latest hemp cultivation, processing and manufacturing topics.

$125.00 plus s & h of $9 US, $15 Canada and Mexico, $35 all others.


Hemp Hemp Hooray! The Growing Industrial Hemp Market. Produced in 1999 by LB Johnson and Paul Gaylon. An inspired look
at a renewable natural resource that can supply many of our world's needs while cleaning and rebuilding the environment. A one hour video
documentary recommended for all audiences.

$24 plus s&h of $3.50 US, $5 Canada and Mexico, $10 all others.

The Billion-Dollar Crop
An informative 58-minute video with historic and current hemp-farming footage and interviews with hemp experts around the world. The film also covers medical marijuana and legalization issues.

$29.95 plus s & h of $3.50 US, $5 Canada and Mexico, $10 all others.


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