Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase hemp products?
Contact the Hemp Industries Association whose membership is comprised of hemp manufacturers and retailers.

The HEMPTECH Directory, which will list industrial hemp organizations and resources, is currently being developed here. Any organization interested in being listed is invited to e-mail a 25 word description and contact information to HEMPTECH.

Where can I obtain additional information on hemp?
Please refer to our publications section.

How can I learn more about farming industrial hemp?
Hemp is currently legal to grow in most European and Asian countries. Australia, Canada and Germany have granted limited research plots. The U.S. has not granted any large-scale licenses since the 1950's. A new organization, the North American Industrial Hemp Council, is being formed to work in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Drug Enforcement Agency. The Kentucky Hemp Growers' Cooperative Association (KHGCA: P.O. Box 8395 Lexington, KY 40533 tel: 606/252-8954), a 62 year old cooperative comprised of 60 farmers, is working to re-establish the hemp industry in Kentucky.

Where can I find information about drug legalization issues?
HEMPTECH is specifically focused on industrial hemp. For further information on legalization, consider viewing the Drug Policy Network's sites.

I am looking for specific types of hemp products?
Please refer to our Directory section and select various product categories such as Paper, Food, Oil, etc.

What investment opportunities are there in hemp?
There are several publically traded hemp companies . These include Consolidated Growers & Processors CGPRand Frederick Brewing Company. Remember the stock market has its share of risks and rewards . HEMPTECH assumes no repsonsability for the financial performance of the above mentioned firms.
I am looking for more information.
Please scroll through our various pages and links to other sites for further information.You may also want to look at our list of publications to gain more specific knowledge on the subject.


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